Regional Support Team

Program Name: Regional Support Team

El Hogar operates one of four “Regional Support Teams” (RST) for adults living in the greater Sacramento area. El Hogar’s RST helps consumers work through the addiction and/or mental health challenges that get in the way of daily living. Staff help consumers develop skills that allow them to become more self-sufficient and to improve their quality of life. The RST also offers co-occurring groups and services to support individuals struggling with both mental health and addiction challenges. Staff work with consumers on their path to recovery by fostering wellness, optimism, and self-reliance.

Program Start Date: In 1993, Sacramento County redesigned its mental health service delivery system, and El Hogar became one of four “Regional Support Teams.”

Service Region: Sacramento County

Funding Sources: This program is funded by the Sacramento Country Division of Behavioral Health Services.

Client Fees: There is no charge for services at the Regional Support Team.

Population: Adults (ages 18+) who live in Sacramento County and are experiencing mental health challenges.

Referral Sources: The RST accepts referrals only through the Sacramento County Adult Access Team.

Services Provided:
Skill Development
Psychiatric Medication Management
Linkage to Primary Care Providers
Individual Therapy
Supports Groups
Case Management

Frequency of Services: Services are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the consumer. The frequency of services also depends on the needs of the consumer. Staff are available by phone or face-to-face as needed or requested by the client.

Regional Support Team
630 Bercut Drive, Suite C
Sacramento, CA 95811
P: (916) 441-3819