Community Programs

El Hogar Community Programs provides behavioral health counseling and psychiatric services to individuals of all ages experiencing mental health challenges.  Community Programs is designed to serve community members struggling with mental health challenges that do not meet criteria for programs funded through Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services.

Community Programs:

Community Programs consists of programs operated by El Hogar that receive funding by means other than by Sacramento County.

~  ReferNet is a collaboration between Dignity Health Hospitals and El Hogar. Individuals with mental health challenges presenting in an Emergency Room at a Dignity Health Hospital, who do not meet criteria for hospitalization, are scheduled by hospital social workers with a ReferNet clinician. The ReferNet clinician assesses the individual and assists in connecting them with the most appropriate outpatient provider.

~  El Hogar has a contract with Sutter Senior Care PACE. PACE is a national program providing all-inclusive care to the elderly. El Hogar is contracted to provide the psychiatric care to PACE participants struggling with mental health conditions.

Service Region: Sacramento and surrounding areas

Funding Sources: Grants and Sutter Senior Care PACE

Client Fees: There is no charge to clients for the services provided by El Hogar Community Programs

Population: Adults and Children experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse challenges

Referral Sources: Sacramento Dignity Health Hospitals; Sutter SeniorCare PACE.

Services Provided:
Individual counseling
Medication evaluation
Medication management
Referrals to other community programs/resources

Frequency of Services:
Services are tailored to the individual. The therapist will decide with the client the frequency of services, but not less than once per month.