Program Overview


SeniorLink is a prevention and early intervention program designed to provide support services to older adults (age 55+) experiencing isolation and/or early signs of depression or anxiety

Community Programs

Community Programs is comprised of programs operated by El Hogar that receive funding by means other than Sacramento County.

Regional Support Team

El Hogar operates one of four “Regional Support Teams” (RST) for adults living in the greater Sacramento area. El Hogar’s RST helps consumers work through the addiction and/or mental health challenges that get in the way of daily living

Guest House Homeless Clinic

The Guest House Homeless Clinic Offers outpatient medication and mental health support services to adults experiencing homelessness and struggling with mental health challenges

Connection Lounge
Connection Lounge is drop in center for anyone experiencing homelessness. The hours are 9-3pm Monday through Friday.
Laundry services, light refreshments and other community support are provided.

The Sacramento Multiple Advocate Resource Team (SMART)
SMART assists Sacramento County residents, who are experiencing homelessness and struggling with a mental health disability, to connect SSI/ SSDI services which improves their health, housing and financial outcomes.

Sierra Elder Wellness Program

The Sierra Elder Wellness Program (SEWP) is a field program providing specialized outpatient mental health services for the growing older adult population (age 55+).